Soon after Derek Prince had the life-altering encounter with Jesus Christ in 1941 that changed his course and destiny, the Lord spoke to him the following words:


It shall be like a little stream,

And the little stream shall become a river,

And the river shall become a great river.

The great river shall become a sea,

And the sea shall become a mighty ocean,

And it shall be through thee:

But how, thou must not know,

Thou canst not know,

Thou shalt not know.


     It has been God's faithfulness to this word that has brought Derek Prince Ministries to where it is today and will continue to bring the ministry into the "mighty ocean."


     In July of 2002 Derek wrote in an update letter, "I have been recently giving some thought and prayer to the future. It is my desire—and I believe the Lord's desire—that DPM should be a ministry that continues the work started through me over 60 years ago, until Jesus returns. To accomplish this, however, we must be prepared to minister to future generations in the most effective ways. This may require methods of delivery and presentation different from the radio programs, books, tapes, and videos that have thus far reached so many. I, for one, am excited about what God may have in store."


     It is these two directives from the Lord—one at the beginning of Derek's life with the Lord (or birth into the Kingdom of God) and the other at the end of his natural life—that has caused us to continue the legacy of Derek Prince.


     Today, Derek Prince Ministries has 13 national offices around the world from which there are over 45 outreaches working in over 100 languages. These offices and outreaches take Derek's material in all its media formats—print, audio, video and radio—and translates it into the languages in their sphere of responsibility. The major areas of outreaches are Russia and the former Soviet republics, China, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Middle East, India, Africa and Israel. The sun never sets on the ministry of Derek Prince.


     As a ministry, we do not establish churches or Bible schools. We are called to work with the local indigenous leadership of the Christian community and to come alongside and support them in their efforts of evangelism, discipleship and church growth. Derek was a missionary at heart. Wherever he went, it was his desire to serve the Church in that nation. That is our attitude today. Our mission statement has changed through the years, but this one remains — our goal is to reach the unreached and teach the untaught. A great majority of the material that we produce is given away to do just that.


     In the 1980s the Lord instructed us to record Derek every time he ministered when preaching and teaching God's Word. In addition to these recordings, individuals have contacted us to let us know that they have old reel-to-reel or cassette messages of Derek when he was in their area. They ask us if we are interested in having these. We say "yes," absolutely!! We have discovered some real treasures among these old recordings. It is out of this vast archive of material that we continue to produce new books and other works for publication. Once a book is completed, it is placed in the hands of our international offices and outreaches for translation and distribution. One new book will impact hundreds of thousands of lives.


     The Lord continues to open new doors for us to walk through. The prophetic word that the Lord gave Derek 70-plus years ago did not come to an end with Derek's passing. Quite the opposite. New offices and outreaches have been planted since 2003. We are just now stepping into the "mighty ocean"!